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Class Schedule (Spring 2018) - Obsolete

This is a class schedule of an old semester (Spring 2018) and it is no longer applicable for current students. Click here to view the schedule of the current semester.

Mathematics for Business

Course code: BUS-503, Batch: MBA / EMBA.

Friday 5:00 PM, Room: B2-105. 

Corporate Finance

Course code: BUS-4229, Batch: BBA (Finance major - Day).

Monday 2:20 PM, Room: 602.
Wednesday 2:20 PM, Room: 602.


Course code: BUS-3214, Batch: BBA (day).

Monday 12:30 PM, Room: 702. 
Wednesday 12:30 PM, Room: 702.

Economic Development

Course code: BUS-3212, Batch: BBA (day).

Tuesday 2:20 PM, Room 702.
Thursday 2:20 PM, Room 702.

Principles and Practice of Insurance

Course code: BUS-4123, Batch: BBA (day).

Tuesday 12:30 PM, Room: 1002. 
Thursday 12:30 PM, Room: 1002.

Please note that, this class schedule is no longer in effect.