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Class Schedule: Summer 2018 (obsolete)

This class schedule is no longer applicable for current students. Click here to view the latest schedule of the current semester.


Course code: BUS-3214, Batch: BBA (day) 7th.

Tuesday 11:00 AM, Room: 701.
Thursday 10:00 AM, Room: Computer Lab.

Economic Development

Course code: BUS-3212, Batch: BBA (day) 7th.

Monday 12:30 PM, Room: 701.
Wednesday 12:30 PM, Room: 701.

Fundamentals of Management Information System

Course code: BUS-529, Program: MBA / EMBA.

Friday 5:00 - 7:30 PM, Room: 803. 

International Financial Management

Course code: BUS-4122, Batch: BBA (day) - Finance major.

Monday 11:00 AM, Room: 702.
Wednesday 11:00 AM, Room: 702.

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Course code: BUS-4123, Batch: BBA (day) - Finance major.

Tuesday 2:00 PM, Room: 601. 
Thursday 2:00 PM, Room: 601.

The university authority and course teacher may change or modify this class schedule, if necessary. If any change is made, it will be announced on the notice board.