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Class Schedule: Fall 2019 (obsolete)

This class schedule is no longer applicable for current students. Click here to view the latest schedule of the current semester.

Class Time

International Financial Management, BBA

Course code: BUS-4122; Program: BBA; Batch: Finance major.

Monday 12:00 PM, Room: 901.
Wednesday 12:00 PM, Room: 901.

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Course Code: BUS-4123; Program: BBA (Finance major).

Tuesday 2:30 PM, Room: 901.
Thursday 2:30 PM, Room: 901.

Management Information System

Course Code: BUS-2312; Program: BBA, Batch: Evening.

Saturday 6:00 PM, Room: 603

Mathematics for Business

Course code: BUS-503; Program: MBA/EMBA. 

Friday 8:30 AM, Room: 703.

International Financial Management, MBA

Course code: FIN-607; Program: MBA/EMBA. Batch: Finance major.

Friday 2:30 PM, Room: 11th Floor.