Course Outline: Corporate Finance (Spring 2017)

Course Code: BUS-4229
Course Title: Corporate Finance
Duration: 3.00 Credit Hours
Program and Batch: BBA (Day) - Finance Major.

Objectives, study materials, and calculator

Marks Distribution 

Attendance and participation (10 Marks):

  • Rule 1: A student may leave the classroom after giving the attendance if s/he has a legitimate valid reason to do so. Full marks of attendance for that day will be given, provided that the student does not take this advantage on a regular basis. 
  • Rule 2: Any activity that destroys the learning environment in the classroom or prevents others from paying attention will be considered as non-participation, which may result some deduction of marks from attendance. 

Quizzes and Class Tests (10 Marks): Several quizzes /tests will be arranged, each having 10 marks. Students are advised to attend all the quizzes and tests. 

Term Paper (10 Marks): This will be a group-work (individual work is also accepted, if any student wishes to do so). A unique public company will be assigned to each group, and they will analyze various financial aspects (book value, market value, financial positions, optimum capital structure, EVA, etc) of this company. In addition, they will compare the performance of this firm to the industry it belongs to. 

Midterm Exam (30 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 1 to 4.

Final Exam (40 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 5 to 8.