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[21T1] E-Business (Spring 2021)

After successfully completing this course, a student should be able to build a fully-functional E-Commerce shop of their own including payment gateway using modern, reliable, and industry-standard technologies. [more]

Course Code: BUS-3214; Duration: 3.00 Credit Hours; Program: BBA. Batch: Evening.

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Methods of Assessment

  • Midterm Exam (30 marks): 
    • Syllabus: Chapter 1, 2, 3. 
    • Format:
      • Viva voce [details]
      • Assignment-1: HTML decoding [details]
      • Assignment-2: Static landing page creation (Project 1 Part 1)
  • Final Exam (40 marks): 
    • Syllabus: Chapter 4, 5, 6, 7. 
    • Format: 
      • Viva voce 
      • Assignment-3: Static landing page publication (Project 1 Part 2)
      • Assignment-4: A prototype B2C shop with payment gateway (Project 2)
  • Continuous Evaluation (20 marks):
    • Syllabus: All chapters
    • Quiz assessments:
  • Attendance and Participation (10 marks): 
    • It is the responsibility of the students to write their 8-digit ID in the chat box of Google Meet or Zoom during the class. Otherwise no attendance will be counted even if s/he were present in the class. Do not write your IDs in other areas such as Google Classroom comments – those will not be counted.
    • For the newly-admitted students, attendance will be counted from the date of admission, even if the class has already been started. The student must submit an application (with supporting documents) to get this exemption.
    • Any activity that destroys the learning environment in the classroom will be considered as non-participation, which may result some deduction of marks from attendance. 
    • Attendance will be based on regular classes only. Absence in the extra/consultation classes will not reduce a student’s marks in this segment. Although, participation in those extra/ consultation classes may add some additional marks.
    • For calculation procedure of attendance marks, and other related information, see:

Marks Distribution

Details of marks distribution will be announced later in Google Classroom.