Course outline: Economic Development in South Asia (Fall 2016)

This is the online version of the course outline. A print edition was given in the class.  

The course teacher may change or update this course outline for the betterment of the students, or any other valid reasons. Such updates will be reflected on the online version. If the print edition conflicts with the online version, the later will prevail. 

Course code: BUS-3212 
Course title: Economic Development in South Asia
Semester: Fall 2016


Marks distribution

Attendance and participation (10 Marks):
  • Rule 1:  A student may leave the classroom after giving the attendance if s/he has a legitimate valid reason to do so. Full marks of attendance for that day will be given, provided that the student does not take this advantage on a regular basis. 
  • Rule 2: Any activity that destroys the learning environment in the classroom or prevent others from paying attention is considered as non-participation. This kind of behavior may result some deduction of marks from the attendance.
Quizzes and Class Tests (10 Marks): The test will be in the MCQ format. See here: Class Test.

Assignments and projects (10 Marks): This will be a group-work (individual projects are also accepted, if any student wishes to do so). Each group will be assigned with a unique topic, on which they have to prepare a report within 8 pages. [view details]

Mid Term Exam (30 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 1 to 3.
Final Exam (40 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 4 to 7.

Course materials

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