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[16T2] Insurance (Summer 2016)

BUS-305/303: Principles and Practice of Insurance (PPI)

Course Objectives

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Marks Distribution


Attendance and Participation


Rule 1:  A student may leave the classroom after giving the attendance if s/he has a legitimate valid reason to do so. Full marks of attendance for that day will be given, provided that the student does not take this advantage on a regular basis. 

Rule 2:
 Any behaviors that destroy the learning environment in the classroom or prevent others from paying attention are considered as non-participation. For this kind of behavior, at least 0.5 marks will be deducted per day. However, a simple oral warning will also be given, but just once – not more.

Quizzes, Class Tests, Model Tests


Four tests will be taken, two before the midterm and two after the midterm, if possible. From all these tests, the best-two will be counted.

Assignments, Projects


This will be a group-work. However, individual projects are also accepted, if any student wishes to do so.

Mid Term Exam


Chapter 1 to 3/4 will be included. 

Final Exam


Chapter 4/5 to 8 will be included.

Course Materials and Resources

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