[17T3] Management Information System (Fall 2017, BBA)


This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of information system management techniques in the context of corporate world... [more]

Course Code: BUS-2312; Duration: 3.00 Credit Hours; Program: BBA (6th and 7th batch, Day).

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Methods of Assessment

  • 1st Test: Quiz (10 marks): 
  • 2nd Test: Theoretical (15 marks):
  • 3rd Test : MCQ, Theoretical, and mathematical (20 marks):
  • Project (10 marks): 
    • Students have to complete a project, in which they will develop a software that will perform a very specific task, for which unique topic will be given to each group of students.
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  • Attendance and participation (10 marks): 
  • Midterm exam (30 marks): 
    • Syllabus: Chapter 1 to 4. 
    • Tentative date: October 27 ~ November 4. 
  • Final exam (40 marks):