[19T3] Management Information System (Fall 2019)

This course provides essential knowledge and training to the business graduates required to survive in the IT-intensive world... [more]

Course Code: BUS-2312; Duration: 3.00 Credit Hours; Program: BBA (Evening).

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Methods of Assessment

  • Class Test 1:
  • Class Test 2:
  • Class Test 3:
  • Training Workshop 1: 
    • Topic: Data analysis with Excel
    • Date: November 9
    • Details >
  • Training Workshop 2: 
    • Topic: Data retrieval with SQL
    • Date: To be announced
  • Training Workshop 3: 
    • Topic: Python for business (Part 1)
    • Date: To be announced
  • Training Workshop 4: 
    • Topic: Python for business (Part 2)
    • Date: To be announced
  • Assignment: 
    • Students will prepare one or more assignments, topics of which will be given later. These are usually individual assignment with unique topic assigned to each student - no need to form group.
  • Project: 
    • Each student (or group of students) will build a unique computer program, which will solve a specific business-related problem. 
  • Attendance: 
    • In a scale of 0 to 10, it represents a student’s degree of participation in regular and extra classes. This is a part of continuous evaluation.
    • See also these rules >
  • Midterm Exam: 
  • Final Exam: 
    • Syllabus: Chapter 4 to 7
    • Date: See University's website

Marks Distribution

Details of marks distribution will be announced later.

Class History