Course Outline: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (Spring 2017)

Objective, study materials, and calculator

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Marks Distribution

Attendance and participation (10 Marks):

  • Rule 1: A student may leave the classroom after giving the attendance if s/he has a legitimate valid reason to do so. Full marks of attendance for that day will be given, provided that the student does not take this advantage on a regular basis.
  • Rule 2: Any activity that destroys the learning environment in the classroom or prevents others from paying attention will be considered as non-participation, which may result some deduction of marks from attendance.

Quizzes and Class Tests (10 Marks): Several quizzes /tests will be arranged, each having 10 marks. Students are advised to attend all the quizzes and tests. 

Assignment (10 Marks): This will be a group-work (individual work is also accepted, if any student wishes to do so). Each group will construct a unique virtual portfolio consists of several stocks currently traded on DSE, find out various attributes of this virtual portfolio, and evaluate its performance. 

Midterm Exam (30 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 1 to 4.

Final Exam (40 Marks): Syllabus – Chapter 5 to 8.