Attendance and Participation

Rules for attendance and participation

  • Attendance will be based on regular classes only. Absence in the extra/counseling classes will not reduce a student’s marks in this segment. However, participation in those extra/counseling classes may add some additional marks.
    • Those additional marks will be included within the attendance segment, or in a separate segment, depending on the total number of extra/counseling classes held in the semester.
  • An absence in a regular class MAY be excused, provided that the student submitted an application with supporting documents, clearly explaining the reason of absence.
  • Any activity that destroys the learning environment in the classroom or prevents others from paying attention will be considered as non-participation, which may result some deduction of marks from attendance. 

Calculation procedure

A student's marks in attendance / participation is usually calculated using this procedure:
  • Here, A = Total present in regular and extra classes, B = Total number of regular classes held in the semester, C = Total number of extra classes held in the semester, and E =Marks allocated for extra participation.
  • Attendance: In a scale of 0 to 10, it shows a student’s degree of participation in regular (and sometimes also in non-regular) classes. 
    • Marks in attendance = (A / B)*10
    • Marks in attendance is 10 when A > B.
  • Extra participation: In a scale of 0 to E, it shows a student's degree of participation in non-regular classes. Not applicable for all courses.
    • Marks in extra participation = {(A-B) / C} * E
    • Marks in extra participation is zero when A < B