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Financial Markets & Institutions

This page summarizes the course "Financial Markets & Institutions" for Spring 2019 semester only. This summary may not be compatible to the same course completed in a different semester.

Overview and Objective

This course introduces the newly-registered Finance major students to the very basics of financial markets, institutions, instruments, and structure. It covers fundamental topics of finance such as time value of money, movement of interest rates, mortgage market, efficient market theory, an overview on behavioral finance, and major indices used to measure the market movements. The objective is to build a foundation required for more advanced courses in Finance major that will be offered in the upcoming semesters.

Books and Course Materials

  • Textbook: "Financial Markets and Institutions." By Jeff Madhura. Published by South Western.
  • Reference books: 
    • “The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets.” By Frederic S. Mishkin. Published by Pearson. 
    • “Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions.” By Frank J. Fabozzi, Franco P. Modigliani, Frank J. Jones. Published by Pearson Education Asia.
  • Other chapter-specific materials will be given to the CR (class representative). It is the responsibility of the students to collect those materials from the CR. Those materials can also be downloaded -- visit this link to learn how to download: