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Management Information System

Alternative title:
  • Fundamentals of Management Information System
This page summarizes the above-mentioned course for Fall 2019 semester only. This summary may not be compatible to the same course completed in a different semester.


Almost all types of business heavily rely on information technology. Without having a sound theoretical and practical knowledge on information technology, a business graduate cannot perform well in finance, marketing, management, and other areas. This course provides essential knowledge and training to the business graduates required to survive in the IT-intensive world. After successfully completing this course, it is expected that the students will have a good conceptual knowledge on the most common IT-related issues in the corporate environment. In addition, students will learn basic security measures in IT so that they can protect themselves and their organization from common cyber threats. It also covers data analysis, database management, and programming. At the end of the course, each student will build a project with an aim to solve specific business-related problems.

Contents and Lesson Plan

Course contents and lesson plan have been distributed in the class. You may also download the same using this method >

Course Materials

  • Textbook: "Management Information Systems." By James O' Brien and George Marakas.  Ed.10. McGraw Hill Higher Education. ISBN: 9780073376813.
  • Lecture notes: Chapter-specific materials will be provided online. It is the responsibility of the students to collect or download the materials. You may visit this page to learn how to download lecture notes.


Students must have these programs installed on their Windows PC or laptop. All these programs (except the first one) are available for free download.