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International Financial Management


This course provides an overview of the international environment of financial management to the finance-major students. They will learn the basics of multinational corporations, valuation of multinational projects, as well as the valuation of a whole multinational firm, from the perspective of a finance manager. In addition, students will learn about the international flow of funds, balance of payment, current account, and related topics from macroeconomic perspective. Besides, it also covers topics on currency derivatives and their applications. A noted emphasis is given on exchange rate system and forecasting methods. 


After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the goals, business models, management styles, and other aspects of MNCs
  • Identify the factors that affect international flow of funds and foreign direct investments
  • Calculate the current account balance of a country
  • Define various types of currency derivatives and demonstrate their practical usages
  • Describe different types of exchange rate systems, including the history of exchange rate system of Bangladesh
  • Identify the factors that determine the exchange rate in a free market
  • Forecast exchange rate
  • Calculate the value of multinational projects and MNCs

Course Contents

Course contents (list of chapters and topics) is only available on the print edition of the course outline, which has been given in the class. Alternatively, you may download it using this method >>

Course Materials

  • "International Financial Management,” by Jeff Madura. 8th edition. Published by Thomson South-Wrstrrn. ISBN: 0324319487.
  • Other chapter-specific materials will be given to the CR (class representative) and will also be available online. It is the responsibility of the students to collect or download those materials. See: [How to download?]